Frequently Asked Questions


When visiting Manda Bay for the first time, we will make sure you are walked through your booking from start to finish. With this in mind, the below may answer any questions you might have. 


Our power comes from a generator and solar invertors.  All rooms have 24-hour lighting.  There is a hairdryer in each room. We recommend guests bring converters and universal plug adaptors. Voltage: 220V. Outlet: Square 3-pin.


Mobile phone service is available at Manda Bay, though the signal is better in the bar and dining area that the bedrooms. WiFi is available upon request and, if necessary, emails can be collected from the office.


Renowned for its excellent food, Manda Bay creates delicious gourmet cuisine, using the freshest ingredients possible including a large variety of hand-selected seafood. Breakfasts of fresh fruit, cereals and a choice of cooked breakfasts, homemade buffet-style lunches and 3-course dinners on the beach under the stars. Guests may eat alone or with a group as they wish. All food preferences and allergies are catered for with prior notice. 

Outside bookings for meals at Manda Bay

Lunch is open to outside bookings. If you or your group would like to come to Manda Bay for lunch, the cost is $20 for breakfast per person and $35 for lunch or dinner per person. Breakfast includes a fry up, fruit, cereals and fruit juice, lunch is a buffet of mixed dishes, and dinner is a three course set meal. All drinks are purchased from the bar and are not included in the meal price.

This is only available with prior booking through the lodge manager, and is subject to availability and space in the lodge. Those who arrive for a meal at Manda Bay without a prior booking will be turned away.

To book a meal at Manda Bay, please call the lodge manager: +254 (0) 713 785 152.


Manda Bay is open all year round, with the best weather often dependent on the seasons, winds and tides. Get in touch with us to discuss the best times of year to visit as they often depend on the person asking - a sun-seeker and a kitesurfer often prefer to come at completely different times of the year!

KUSI: May-Oct: Predominantly the wetter season, with strong southeasterly winds, rougher seas and cooler temperatures (average temperatures range around 26-28 degrees celsius).

KASKAZI: Nov-April: The dry season with warm northeasterly winds, calmer seas and clear water visibility (average temperatures range around 28-30 degrees celsius). Generally the weather consists of hot days and warm nights, humid but with a breeze.


BY AIR: Daily flights are available from Nairobi Wilson airport, and take approximately two hours. The following airlines have daily scheduled flights from Nairobi Wilson to Lamu:





Skyward Express

These flights all land at Lamu Manda airport, which is a 30 minute boat ride from Manda Bay. An airport transfer is included from Lamu airport for all guests at Manda Bay.

At Manda Bay, we also have our own private airstrip at the lodge for private charter flights. This means your flight can take you directly from anywhere within Kenya directly to the lodge, at your requested time. This flight allows for ease, reliability and comfort - and gets you to Manda Bay in under two hours. Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) is a 2-hour flight on a private charter.

Any other questions are welcomed by our reservation team - our Nairobi office can help you to book scheduled or charter flights to Manda Bay: