Manda Bay is committed to making a sustainable difference to the people in surrounding communities to protecting the environment, marine life and wildlife. We work towards this goal through a variety of projects: -

Manda is a member of the Lamu Marine Conservation Trust: working with the local community and other co-owners of the Lamu district to preserve the Manda Toto snorkeling site in the vicinity of Pate Island, significant for its marine biodiversity and distinct coral reef ecosystem hosting a variety of tropical fish species. Through educating local residents and the Beach Management Units, the Lamu Marine Conservation Trust encourages locals to preserve this site and make it a 'net free zone'. Manda Bay houses and feeds 2 rangers, supplies fuel and accommodates 2 volunteers to patrol and collect information daily to report on fishing movements.

Manda supports The Northern Rangelands Trust, which is actively setting up conservancies and community projects within the Lamu Region. Since setting aside a conservation area behind the lodge ten years ago, a resident herd of buffalo have moved in and we feed and water this herd from the lodge water supply.