Lamu - a UNESCO World Heritage Site

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a town where time stood still…

Lamu town is situated near to Manda Bay, and we recommend a visit to all of our guests. From afar, as you approach by the water, the town seems to shimmer white in the heat and seems to be empty and silent. Yet when you get closer, you see that in fact it is a hive of activity - with donkeys, people and even the town’s single car moving about their daily business.

Many visitors of Manda Bay call this town – the oldest living town in East Africa, a Unesco World Heritage Site and arguably the most complete Swahili town in existence – one of the highlights of their trip to Kenya.

The town is a 30 minute boat ride from Manda Bay, and we recommend a guide to take you around. Not only do our guides live in Lamu town, but they also have a deep knowledge of life there, with its many historical and religious intricacies; Lamu is a Muslim town, and we suggest guests to cover their knees and shoulders in order to fit in with the local way of life.

Make sure to shop, eat, drink and chat to the inhabitants of this town, but make sure too to be back at Manda Bay before the midday heat and, of course, in time for lunch!